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Shirley Tilghman

Shirley Tilghman, President of Princeton University, delivered the opening keynote: "Universities in the Service of the Imagination,"on Wednesday, May 4. Her description follows:

Drawing on Princeton’s own experience, President Tilghman will discuss both the institutional and societal value of bringing the creative and performing arts into the mainstream of university life; of ensuring that the creation of art and the study of art are in conversation with one another.

Shirley Tilghman Keynote on Art-Making in Research Universities from UM ArtsEngine on Vimeo.

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View the Introductory Remarks from the opening keynote:

Opening Keynote Introductory Remarks: Art-Making in the Research University May 4-6, 2011 from UM ArtsEngine on Vimeo.

Don Michael Randel

Don Michael Randel, President of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, opened Thursday, May 5, with his talk, "What Researchers and Artists Actually Do." Dr. Randel’s description follows.

C. P. Snow did us a great disservice when he declared that there were two cultures. This was largely about British politics in general and Cambridge politics in particular. We need to understand-today especially-that scientists and humanists and artists are fundamentally engaged in the same enterprise. This enterprise is at the heart of what the university is about across all of its research and teaching in all of its disciplines.

Don Michael Randel, "What Researchers and Artists Actually Do" from UM ArtsEngine on Vimeo.

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Nancy Cantor

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor of Syracuse University, opened Friday, May 6, with "Inciting Insight: Situating the Arts in Higher Education."

Nancy Cantor, "Inciting Insight" Keynote from UM ArtsEngine on Vimeo.

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Paul Courant

Paul Courant, Dean of Libraries at the University of Michigan summed up the meeting at the closing session on Friday, May 6.

Paul Courant, Arts-Making at Research Universities from UM ArtsEngine on Vimeo.

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